160 Palestinians were killed in Israel’s counterattack

160 Palestinians were killed in Israel's counterattack My News Bangladesh

Israel retaliated in response to the rocket attack by the Palestinian organization Hamas. It has been reported that 160 people have been killed so far. The number of injured people may exceed 1000.

Hamas launched a rocket attack on Israel this Saturday morning. 40 Israelis were killed. At least 750 were injured. The country’s government has confirmed the number of casualties. The number of injured is expected to increase. Earlier, the Israeli government reported the death of 22 citizens.

After the attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said to the people of Israel, ‘People of Israel, we are at war. we will win The enemy will have to pay a price for this that they have no idea about.’

The United States condemned the attack by Hamas. Terrorism and violence do not solve anything, the US Office of Palestinian Affairs said on social media.

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