The importance of a prompt clean-up after slaughtering animals

As we get ready to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha, the second most important festival for Muslims, we hope that we can go beyond the ritualistic practices and embrace the spiritual side of the occasion. Through the slaughter of sacrificial animals, the message that is intended is that of sacrifice, sharing, restraint and cleansing our minds. Since Eid-ul-Azha involves a lot of activities and preparations for both individuals and institutions, it is important that all of us do our part so that the spirit of the festival can be upheld.

There are three aspects that deserve particular attention. First, the movement of people across the country as they head to their home districts to spend time with loved ones. As expected, the highways have been witnessing heavy traffic, and the closure of garment factories on Tuesday has further increased traffic flow and congestion. Transport authorities have reportedly taken various steps to manage the surge in travellers. But care must be taken to ensure a hassle-free journey, with special attention given to preventing accidents. We don’t want to see a repeat of the tragic road crashes that follow every Eid holiday.

Secondly, the Eid brings familiar concerns for workers, particularly those at the RMG industry. According to a report, out of 3,164 garment, textile, and jute factories across the country, at least 2,501 did not pay workers their 15 days’ wages for June as of Monday, while 728 factories did not pay their Eid bonuses. This is quite unacceptable. The spectre of pending dues continues to haunt workers every Eid. The news of a labour leader beaten to death in Gazipur over his attempt to get salaries for workers shows how powerless the latter still are when it comes to protecting their rights. We hope the authorities will promptly address these issues.

Another issue that needs to be kept in mind is the importance of a prompt clean-up after slaughtering animals. In Dhaka, both city corporations have taken steps to manage waste. The deployment of thousands of sanitation workers, along with the distribution of eco-friendly jute bags and disinfectants, showcases a commitment to maintaining cleanliness, but citizens must cooperate and dispose of their waste responsibly, especially considering the threat of a dengue wave as predicted by some experts. We hope, in the end, everything will go smoothly, and the holiday will be an enriching experience for everyone.

Eid Mubarak!

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