22 killed in Hamas attack; Israel is at war: Netanyahu

22 killed in Hamas attack; Israel is at war Netanyahu My news Bangladesh

After a rocket by Hamas attack , the Palestinian Liberation Movement’s armed group, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the public approximately five hours later. He declared, ‘We find ourselves in a state of conflict, and we are determined to emerge victorious.’

Furthermore, he emphasized, ‘The adversaries will face consequences that exceed their expectations.’ These developments were reported by both BBC and Reuters.

In a parallel report by BBC and Reuters, it was disclosed that a minimum of 22 Israeli individuals lost their lives in the Hamas attack. Additionally, there were unverified accounts from the BBC suggesting the possibility of numerous Israelis being detained within Gaza. In retaliation, Israel initiated airstrikes targeting locations within Gaza.

On Saturday, October 7, a barrage of rockets was launched towards Israel. Hamas stated that these rockets were part of a new campaign against Israeli occupation and claimed to have fired over 5,000 rockets within the first 20 minutes of this offensive.

Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Galant, asserted that Hamas had initiated hostilities against Israel, and Israeli forces were engaged in combating this threat on multiple fronts.

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