23 Dmp Conditions: Both parties broke many

Dhaka Metropolitan Police permitted the opposition BNP and three affiliate bodies of Awami League to hold rallies in the capital yesterday on 23 conditions.

However, both parties violated many of those conditions.

BNP held a grand rally at its Nayapaltan headquarters while three AL affiliates — Jubo League, Chhatra League and Swechchhasebak League — organised a “peace rally” near the south gate of Baitul Mukarram.

According to a DMP condition, the AL affiliates were asked to confine their gatherings within Mahanagar Natya Mancha, Sergeant Ahad Police Box, Fulbaria crossing and Muktangan in the area. However, this condition was breached.

Meanwhile, BNP was told to confine its rally between the Police Hospital and Nightingale intersection in Nayapaltan, but gatherings of the party activists were noticed way outside the permitted area.

Furthermore, both AL and BNP were asked to check the rally participants with metal detectors before they entered the venue, but no such activity took place at either gathering.

Also, no fire safety systems, a requirement by the DMP, were visible at the rallies.

Though loudspeakers were allowed in the specified rally areas, they were also seen being used outside as well by both parties.

Meanwhile, neither camp followed the timeframe imposed by the DMP.

Both AL and BNP were told to begin their programmes at 2:00pm and end them by 5:00pm. However, both rallies ended around 6:30pm.

Adding to those, both parties were asked to assemble not before two hours prior to the programmes, but leaders and activists of both parties began gathering at their respective venues well before noon.

They were also directed not to create obstacles for vehicular movement on main roads, but traffic was stagnant in many areas of the capital for several hours due to both rallies.

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