4-Foot Giant Indian Rooster Height and a Price of 4 Lakh 38 Thousand!

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Brazil is famous not only for football but also for a special type of rooster. The price of this rooster, known as the ‘Giant Indian Rooster, is around 4 lakh, or 38 thousand rupees.

An agriculturist named Rubel Braz created a huge chicken farm of ‘Giant Indian Urubu canella amarella’ breed. Brazil’s state of Goiás has Braz farms.

This breed of Giant Indian Rooster grows up to about 4 feet tall. Rubel Braz’s farm is called Avikultura Gigante. About 20 years ago, he started thinking about breeding this special type of chicken on the farm. The farm gained popularity in no time.
It is known that 300 chickens can be kept together on this farm. However, according to him, he built this farm as a hobby.

Agronomist Rubel Braz said he decided to breed Giant Indian Rooster as a hobby. He also thinks that it will meet the meat demand of people in Brazil. A larger rooster means more meat, so the rooster will play a role in meeting the meat demand. It will fulfill personal hobbies, as well as public welfare work.

Source: New York Post.

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