402 road accidents in September, 417 killed

402 road accidents in September, 417 killed My News Bangladesh

417 people were killed and 651 injured in 402 road accidents in the country in the month of September. During this period, 51 people were killed and 26 injured in 49 railway accidents. And in 16 accidents on the waterway, 28 people were killed and 4 people were injured, 3 people are missing. This information was informed in a press release by the Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association on Saturday (October 7).

The circular also said that most road accidents occurred in Dhaka division in September. 118 people were killed and 112 injured in 114 road accidents in this division, while Sylhet division had the least number of road accidents at 25. Where 29 people were killed and 106 people were injured.

The circular of Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association also said that in these accidents, 10 members of law and order forces, 143 drivers, 66 pedestrians, 60 transport workers, 65 students, 08 teachers, 74 women, 44 children, 02 There are journalists, 02 doctors, 03 brave freedom fighters, and 10 leaders and workers of various political parties. Those who have been identified.

534 vehicles were identified among the accidents that occurred. It shows that 30.30 percent motorcycles, 23.97 percent trucks-pickup-covered vans and lorries, 14.41 percent buses, 16.47 percent battery-powered rickshaws and easy bikes, 4.86 percent CNG-powered autorickshaws, 4.49 percent nachiman- Karimon-Mahindra-Tractor and Laguna, with 5.43 percent Car-Jeep-Microbus.

62.18 percent of the accidents were due to vehicle rollovers, 15.87 percent head-on collisions, 16.91 percent loss of control, and 2.91 percent miscellaneous accidents. But the most alarming thing is that 0.43 percent of the accidents happened due to veils falling behind the wheels of vehicles.

37.06 percent of accidents occurred on national highways, 27.61 percent on regional highways, 29.10 percent on feeder roads. Also, 5.47 percent of the total accidents in the country are organized in Dhaka city, 0.49 percent in Chittagong city and 0.24 percent in railway crossings.

Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity’s observations as significant causes of road accidents are-

  1. Incompetent driver, unfit vehicle, reckless driving.
  2. Misapplication of traffic law, weak enforcement, irregularity and corruption of the traffic department.
  3. Massive increase in motorcycles, battery-powered rickshaws and three-wheelers and free movement of these vehicles on highways.
  4. Vehicle defects, tendency to disobey traffic laws.

The important recommendations of Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association to prevent road accidents are-

  1. Taking initiatives to create skilled drivers, providing vehicle fitness through digital means.
  2. Stopping import and registration of small vehicles like motorcycles and easy bikes.
  3. To stop touting on the roads, to ensure the salary and working hours of the drivers.
  4. Repairing the roads by quickly filling the small and big potholes caused by the damaged roads during the current monsoon.
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