6 Killed in Israel, Including 5 Arab Family Members

6 Killed in Israel Including 5 Arab Family Members My News Bangladesh

Al Jazeera reported in a report that on Wednesday (September 27), five members of an Arab family were shot dead in the town of Basmat Tabun in the northern part of Israel. Three men and two women were shot dead in broad daylight in the town of Basmat Tabun, northwest of Nazareth, police said in a statement.

A state of emergency has been declared in the region. The Palestinian Authority strongly condemned the indiscriminate killings. The Israeli police said that the operation to catch the attackers has started.

On the same day, another Palestinian was shot dead by masked assailants in the city of Haifat. Immediately after this incident, panic spread throughout the area. All educational institutions of the city were closed for a day. A state of emergency was declared across the city. The Palestinian Authority also blamed Tel Aviv for the attack. However, the Israeli forces did not comment on this.

In recent years, the aggression of the Israeli forces on the Palestinians has increased several times more than before. According to various international media, Israeli forces have killed at least 188 Palestinians so far this year in raids in various cities, including the West Bank.

Tel Aviv has strengthened its campaign again since the publication of various news in the media about the initiative of Israel-Palestine peace talks in New York with the mediation of Saudi Arabia. Security analysts say that they have adopted this approach to destroy the peace talks.

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