7 killed in Mexico church roof collapse, 30 trapped in rubble

7 killed in Mexico church roof collapse My News Bangladesh

Seven people were killed when the roof collapse in the North American country of Mexico. Another 30 people were trapped under the rubble in this incident. The British media BBC said this in a report.

According to the report, this incident happened in a church in the country’s Tamaulipas province on Sunday (October 1) local time. About 100 people were present in that church at the time of the accident.

The roof collapse of the Santa Cruz church in the coastal area of ​​Ciudad Madero collapsed on Sunday (October 1) afternoon, police said. There were at least 100 people including children inside. It is believed that children may still be trapped inside. The emergency department is carrying out the rescue operation.

Local media reported that a baptism ceremony was going on at the time of the accident. Meanwhile, 10 people were taken to the hospital after the roof collapse of the church.

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