7 people of the youth gang who cheered with weapons were arrested

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7 members of the youth gang have been arrested in Rajshahi for cheering with weapons. At this time, several weapons were recovered from them. After the video went viral on social media, members of the police and intelligence agencies started searching for these teenagers. 

Vijay Bashak, Additional Commissioner of City Police, said that when the viral video came to the hands of the police through social media, they conducted an operation on Tuesday night. At that time, seven members of the gang were arrested. All are aged 14 to 16 years. Their house is in Gangpara area of ​​Shahmakhdum police station.  

The video that went viral on social media was 19 seconds long. It can be seen that a group of teenagers are dancing and cheering in Taliban style with weapons. Music is also playing. Teenagers are dancing to the beat. In their hands are ramadas, Chinese axes, knives and many different types of weapons. In the video, one can be heard saying, ‘Ae Mairya dis na re baap’! 

Youth Gang Sparks Chaos in Gangpara: Allegations of Extortion, Revelry, and Political Ties

The incident took place in Gangpara area of ​​Shah Makhdoom police station in Rajshahi. Locals said that three days ago the youth gang members of Gangpara area created panic by eating and drinking with extortion money and dancing with weapons. 

Locally they are associated with politics under the umbrella of Awami League or Chhatra League. Ward number 18 is said to work under the control of Councilor Shahidul Islam. Shahidul Islam used to organize BNP Youth Dal. However, he joined Awami League politics after being elected as a councilor in 2018. 

However, Councilor Shahidul Islam Pocha denied the allegations. He said that those who did this are from the area. They indulged, such information is not correct.

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