A Bangladeshi girl found a Facebook boyfriend in Rajasthan

A Bangladeshi girl found a Facebook boyfriend in Rajasthan

The presence of a young Bangladeshi girl has been reported in the Anupgarh district of Rajasthan, India. In order to seek shelter, he went to the house of a man named Roshan and took refuge there. In a Facebook post, he claimed that he developed a love relationship with Roshan through the use of social media.

In a report published by ETV India on Wednesday, it was reported that the young Bangladeshi girl named Habiba had reached Rawla in Rajasthan’s Anupgarh district after passing through Kolkata and New Delhi. At the moment, she is staying at the house of an alleged lover of hers, Roshan.

There was a report from Roshan’s mother that Habiba had visited their house two days ago. However, he is not willing to accept Habiba, alias Honey, as a member of his family. Due to the fact that his son got married two years ago and has a seven-month-old child.

There was a neighbor who brought to the attention of the police the fact that Habiba was staying at Roshan’s house. After that, the police of Rawala police station called Habiba and Roshan to the police station and interrogated them. During the course of the investigation, Habiba confessed that she first arrived in Kolkata from Bangladesh and then passed through Delhi on her way to Rajasthan.

Bangladeshi Girl Visa Dilemma Sparks Family and Media Intervention

In the meantime, Roshan’s sister confirmed that Habiba had entered India with a tourist visa. In spite of being asked by the Roshan family to return to Bangladesh, Habiba is adamant about staying at their house. It has been claimed by Habiba that she will stay at Roshan’s house until the expiration of her visa.

Habiba, according to Roshan’s sister, has stated that if she were to return to Bangladesh, she would be humiliated. In this situation, Roshan’s mother has sought the assistance of the administration and the media in order to send Habiba back to Bangladesh.

According to Ramesh Kumar, OC of Rawala police station, Habiba was in possession of a tourist visa at the time of the incident. Aside from this, he has also been found to be in possession of Bangladeshi currency. In any case, it is currently being investigated whether Habiba’s entry into India could have been linked to espionage in any way, shape, or form.

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