A bottomless basket stuffed with wealth: Sheikh Parish

A bottomless basket filled with wealth

The Bangladesh Awami Jubo League opened the country-wide initial membership recruitment and renewal program at Engineers Institution, Bangladesh (IEB).

A bottomless basket filled with wealth.Sheikh Parash inaugurated and presided over the event. Obaidul Quader MP, Minister of Road Transport and Bridges of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, was the chief guest. Alhaj Md conducted. Bangladesh Awami Jubo League General Secretary. M. Hossain Khan Nikhil.

Sheikh Fazle Shams Parash, the chairman of the Bangladesh Awami Jubo League, said she had been in charge of the party for 42 years since her return to her homeland in 1981. Awami League history is the history of secularism, development, and progress of the Sheikh Hasina era.

Awami League never divides religions when it comes to running the country. BNP-Jamaat, on the other hand, gives an ugly image of communalism by discriminating against or persecuting members of particular religions, which violates Article 12 of the Constitution. Politics on religion is prohibited by Article 12.

This rule prevents BNP from doing politics. They sow communal seeds in their political practices and break the constitution constantly. BNP’s politics are against the constitution, they are not allowed to do politics.

Bangabandhu also dreamed of economic liberation. Bangladesh’s people’s leader Sheikh Hasina is the architect of economic liberation. After the war, he filled the bottomless basket with wealth. The Bengali nation can stand tall today thanks to him.

A recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) predicted Bangladesh would be one of the top 20 economies in 2040. Elevated Express, Padma Setu, and Metrorail have created milestones in Bangladesh’s communication sector.

In the speech of the chief guest, Honorable Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Ministry and General Secretary of Awami League Obaidul Quader MP said that this organization has been with the youth of this country since its birth, and is a shining example of the movement and struggle. Jubo League is a Baisakhi storm in street agitation, a wave of youth in turbulent waters.

Jubo League has also started membership recruitment and renewal activities across the country. Jubo League’s organizational activities in politics are best. In addition, he said the BNP is preparing from the bottom up for nomination trading.

Awami League is not a terrorist group, it is not sectarian or criminal. Awami League can express and give their strong stand at any time for the truth. Awami League does not care who imposed the ban or enforced the visa policy. People are Awami League’s strength. The Awami League will win the next election.

Dr. Yunus is neither happy nor sad. What do you think of him as a person? Two million dollars were spent on the statement. How did they get so much money? Dr. BNP trusted Yunus. One Eleven-style citizen committees are gone.

Bangladesh has decided who to vote for. Sheikh Hasina is supported by 70% of the country. ‘The next election will determine Bangladesh’s power structure. Decide wisely. Elections are here. Elections will be the fight. Elections are the final game.

Bangladesh Awami Jubo League general secretary Alhaj Md. Mainul Hossain Khan Nikhil said that our leaders are here today, which is why BNP-Jamaat failed. Every time we announce a programme, you jump into district-metropolitan-upazila-union. Thanks for this.

He can create Jubo League workers from house to house. The leaders and workers of Jubo League need to be more active in the coming months. Leave the house. For 3 months, you won’t sleep, you won’t go home, you’ll be on the streets all the time. Our sacred duty.

Deep conspiracy by BNP. Bangabandukanya must be ousted. To my Jubo League brothers – it doesn’t matter which country is for or against. We have to walk on that path whether the people are on our side or not. The power of the people is greater than any superpower. Neither conspiracy nor people can stand against our power.

Presidium member of Jubo League Mohamed Rashid, Khaled Shawkat Ali, Md. Afequl Islam, Md. Habib Rahman Pawan, Abul Kalam. The MP Ahsanul Haque Chowdhury, Dr. Sajjad Haider Liton.

Subhash Chandra Haladar, Engineer Mrinal Kanti Joddar, Tajuddin Ahmed. Matubbar, Jasim. Anwar Hossain, Joint-General Secretary Biswas Mutiur Rahman Badsha, Subrata Pal, Muhammad Badiul Alam Badi, Barrister Sheikh Fazle Naeem, Md. Rafiqul Alam Zoardar Saikat, organizing secretary Kazi Md. Mazharul Islam, Dr. Helal Uddin, Md. Saifur Rahman Sohag, Md. Zahir Uddin Khosru, Md. Sohail Parvez, Abu Munir Md. Shahidul Haque Chowdhury Russell, Moshiur Rahman Chapal, Ed. Dr. Shamim Al Saiful Sohag, Professor. Md. Rezaul Kabir, Dhaka Metropolitan Jubo League North Acting President Zakir Hossain Babul, South Acting President Main Uddin Rana, North General Secretary Md. Ismail Hossain, South Acting General Secretary HM Rezaul Karim Reza, Central Jubo League Publicity Secretary Jaydev Nandi, Office Secretary Md. Mostafizur Rahman Masud, Relief and Social Welfare Secretary. Saddam Hossain Pavel, Information and Communication Technology Secretary. Shamchul Alam Anik, Information and Research Editor Mir Md. Mohiuddin, sports editor.

Nizam Uddin Chowdhury Parvez, Environment Affairs Secretary. Harish Mia Sheikh Sagar, Secretary of Industry and Commerce. Abdul Hai, Religion Secretary Maulana Khalilur Rahman Sardar, Deputy Secretary Md. Delwar Hossain Shahzada, Sub-Library and Publication Editor Add. Sheikh Nabiruzzaman Babu, Deputy International Secretary. Safed Ashfaq Akand Tuhin, Deputy Relief and Social Welfare Secretary. Altaf Hossain, deputy science and technology secretary. Rashedul Hasan Supta, Deputy Information and Communication Technology Secretary NI Ahmed Saikat, Deputy Information and Research Secretary Sheikh Mohammad Misir Ali, Deputy sports editor. Abdur Rahman, Deputy Environment Affairs Secretary Samchul Islam Patwari, Deputy Agriculture and Cooperative Affairs Secretary Molla Roshan Jamir Rana, Deputy Liberation War Affairs Secretary Adv. Golam Kibaria Shamim, Sub-Dharma Secretary Hare Krishna Vaidya along with the leaders of the central city and various wards Jubo League.

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