A month of road accidents killed 378 people

A month of road accidents killed 378 people

403 road accidents occurred in the country last August. 378 people were killed and 794 injured in these accidents. Apart from 51 children, there are 44 women among the dead.

The Road Safety Foundation released this information through a press release on Saturday, September 10. It is said that the organization has prepared the report based on information from 9 national dailies, 7 online news portals and electronic media.

142 motorcycle accidents are the most among these accidents. 146 people were killed in it, which is 38.62 percent of the total casualties. Motorcycle accident rate is 35.23 percent. 93 pedestrians were killed in the accident, which is 24.60 percent of the total fatalities. 57 people, i.e. 15.07 percent, were killed by vehicle drivers and assistants.

During this time 17 people were killed in 11 boating accidents. Also 9 people were injured and 6 people are missing. According to the report, 37 people were killed and 19 injured in 28 railway accidents.

can be seen in the statistics of vehicle-based fatalities in accidents – 146 motorcyclists and riders, which is 38.62 percent of the total accidents. Bus passengers are 18, which is 4.76 percent of total accidents.

There are also 17 truck-pickup-tractor-lorry occupants, which is 4.49 percent of total accidents. Private car-microbus-ambulance-policevan passengers 21, which is 5.55 percent of total accidents, three-wheeler passengers (easybike-CNG-autorickshaw-autovan-schoolvan-laguna) 56, which is 14.81 percent of total accidents, locally manufactured vehicles Passengers (Nasiman-Bhatavti-Tomtom-Mahindra-Daisu) killed 13, which is 3.43 percent of the total accidents and bicycle-pedal rickshaw-rickshawvan riders 14, which is 3.70 percent of the total accidents.

According to Road Safety Foundation monitoring and analysis, 169 or 41.93 percent of accidents occurred on national highways, 148 or 36.72 percent on regional roads, 45 or 11.16 percent on rural roads, 37 or 9.18 percent on city road accidents and 4.99 percent occurred elsewhere.

Accident Type

68 of the accidents, which is 16.87 percent of the total accidents, were head-on collisions. 182, which is 45.16 percent of the total accidents lost control. 94, which is 23.32 percent of the total accidents involving pedestrians. 42, which is 10.42 percent of the total accidents were due to rear-end collisions and 17, which is 4.21 percent of the total accidents were caused by other causes.

Vehicles involved in the accident

Among the vehicles involved in the accident- Truck-Coveredvan-Pickup-Tractor-Trolley-Lorry-Drumtruck-Handtrolley Oil Tanker-Forty Ton Long Vehicle-City Corporation Garbage Truck 25.19 percent, Passenger Bus 17.61 percent, Microbus-Private Car- Ambulance-Pajero-Policevan 5.56 percent.

Also Motorcycles 23.02 percent, Three-Wheelers (Easybike-CNG-Autorickshaw-Autovan-Schoolvan-Mishuk Laguna) 16.53 percent, Locally Made Vehicles (Nasimon-Bhavati-Alamsadhu-TomTom-Mahindra-Daisu-Latahamba) 4.94 percent, bicycle-pedal rickshaw-rickshawvan 3.70 percent and unidentified vehicles 3.40 percent.

Number of vehicles involved in the accident

The number of vehicles involved in the accident is 647. (Bus 114, Truck 94, Covered Van 22, Pickup 15, Tractor 3, Trolley 7, Lorry 8, Hand Trolley 1, Drum Truck 5, Oil Tanker 6, Forty Ton Long Vehicle 1, City Corporation Garbage Truck 1, Microbus 14, Private Car 12 , Ambulance 7, Pajero 2, Police Van 1, Motorcycle 149, Three-Wheeler 107 (Easybike-CNG-Autorickshaw-Autovan-Schoolvan-Mishuk-Laguna), Locally Made Vehicles 32 (Nasimon-Bhavti-Almsadhu-Mahindra-TomTom-Daisu -Latahamba), bicycle-pedal rickshaws-rickshawvans 24 and unidentified vehicles 22.

Time Analysis of Accidents

Time analysis shows that 2.97 percent of accidents occurred in the morning, 27.29 percent in the morning, 26.79 percent in the afternoon, 15.38 percent in the afternoon, 5.70 percent in the evening and 21.83 percent in the night.

Division wise statistics of accidents

Division wise statistics of accidents say that accidents in Dhaka division are 35.48 percent, loss of life is 33.33 percent. 11.16 percent accidents, 10.58 percent fatalities in Rajshahi division. Accidents in Chittagong division are 13.15 percent, fatalities are 15.07 percent. 13.89 percent accidents, 14.81 percent fatalities in Khulna division.

Also in Barisal division, accidents are 7.69 percent, fatalities are 6.61 percent. Accidents in Sylhet division are 4.71 percent, fatalities are 4.23 percent. 9.18 percent accidents, 10.31 percent fatalities occurred in Rangpur division and 4.71 percent accidents, 5.02 percent fatalities occurred in Mymensingh division.

Most accidents and fatalities occurred in Dhaka division. 126 people died in 143 accidents. In Sylhet division, 16 people lost their lives in the least 19 accidents. As a single district, Gazipur district has the highest number of 31 accidents with 29 deaths. The least number of accidents occurred in Shariatpur, Khagrachari, Rangamati, Bandarban and Moulvibazar districts. There were 9 minor accidents in these 5 districts but no loss of life.

21 people were killed and 32 injured in 26 accidents in the capital Dhaka.

The main causes of road accidents

are faulty vehicles; reckless speed; recklessness, inefficiency and physical and mental illness of drivers; Not fixed salary and working hours; Low-speed vehicular traffic on highways; Reckless motorcycle riding by youth; Tendency of ignorance and disobedience of traffic laws among the public; poor traffic management; The agency also blames BRTA’s lack of capacity and extortion in the public transport sector for the accident.

The Road Safety Foundation has given some recommendations to prevent accidents in the circular. The organization says that efforts to create skilled drivers must be increased; Drivers must specify pay-hours; Capacity of BRTA needs to be increased.

Also ensure unhindered enforcement of traffic laws to transport operators, passengers and pedestrians; A separate road (service road) should be created for low-speed vehicles on highways; Road dividers should be constructed on all highways in phases; Extortion in public transport should be stopped; Renovate railways and waterways to reduce pressure on road ; Sustainable transport strategy should be formulated and implemented and ‘Road Transport Act-2018’ should be implemented smoothly.

Accident Review and Comment

Last July, 573 people were killed in 511 road accidents. As a result, accidents decreased by 21.13 percent and fatalities decreased by 34.03 percent in the month of August. However, this rate of reduction in accidents and fatalities does not indicate any sustainable improvement. Because there has not been any improvement in road transport management.

Nowadays most of the accidents happen due to loss of control of vehicles. That is, accidents are happening due to excess speed. Accidents cannot be reduced if this speed cannot be controlled. Just as motivational training is needed for speed control, so is the acquisition of technical capacity of the concerned authorities. Vehicles should be equipped with modern technology, through which speed limit can be monitored and recorded.

Pedestrian fatalities are increasing at an alarming rate. Accidents and loss of life are increasing due to reckless speed of vehicles and lack of awareness of road accidents use by pedestrians.

It should be noted that truck-covered van-pickup and heavy goods vehicles and motorcycle accidents are increasing. Most drivers of heavy vehicles are physically and mentally ill. They need treatment and training. A large proportion of motorcyclists are teenagers. They ride recklessly on motorcycles causing accidents themselves and hurting others.

Political culture has to do with motorcycle recklessness. It must be closed. Encouraging pro-life campaign in mass media to drive speed controlled vehicles. At the same time by making public transport easier, cheaper and better, reduce traffic congestion and discourage motorcycles.

The concerned authorities should be sincere in implementing the ‘Road Transport Act-2018’ to control road accidents. Road accidents occur mainly due to anarchy and mismanagement of the road transport sector. There is no alternative to formulating and implementing sustainable transport strategies to improve this situation. This requires the political will of the government.

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