A new ‘planet’, named Jambu, was detected by the telescope

A new 'planet', named Jambu, was detected by the telescope My news Bangladesh

Several new Jupiter-sized ‘planets’ have been spotted by the James Webb Space Telescope. These planets have been seen in the Orion Nebula, scientists said. But they are not revolving around any star. It seems to be floating here and there.

Scientists say that these planets rotate in pairs. 20 such pairs have been detected by the James Webb Telescope. They are named Jambu (Jupiter Mass Binary Objects). Scientists have not yet been able to give any explanation for this.

Astronomers have given a few guesses as to how exactly these cosmic objects were formed. One explanation is that these objects formed in places in the Orion Nebula where there is not enough material to actually form a star. It is also possible that these objects were formed around stars. Later they moved away from those places. Then comes Interstellar.

In this regard, the head of the research team, European Space Agency (ESA) senior science consultant Professor Mark McCorian, said that these objects were actually formed around the first star. Later moved from that place. This idea seems to be correct.

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