Al-Qaeda getting ready to unfold into Bangladesh

Al-Qaeda preparing to spread into Bangladesh

Al-Qaeda is shaping to unfold its operations into Bangladesh, mentioned a contemporary report by the United Nation’s Safety Council.

“One member state [of security council] assessed that al-Qaeda is shaping AQIS (al-Qaeda within the Indian Subcontinent) to unfold its operations into neighbouring Bangladesh, India-administered Jammu and Kashmir, and Myanmar,” mentioned the report revealed on July 25.

Citing the member state’s evaluation, the report mentioned AQIS has roughly 200 fighters, with Osama Mehmood being the amir.

The al-Qaeda core in Afghanistan stays steady at 30 to 60 members, whereas all al-Qaeda fighters within the nation are estimated to be 400, reaching 2,000 with members of the family and supporters included, the report learn.

“Sure restricted components of AQIS are able to both be part of or collaborate with Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant-Khorasan (ISIL-K),” the report mentioned.

The safety council member-states assessed ISIL-K as probably the most severe terrorist risk in Afghanistan and the broader area, benefiting from elevated operational capabilities inside Afghanistan. ISIL-K is estimated to have from 4,000 to six,000 members, together with members of the family, the report added.

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