America-British are our friends, not house owners: Planning Minister

America-British are our friends

America-British are our friends.Planning Minister MA Mannan MP said, the schedule of the 12th National Election has been announced, the election must, must take place. There is a party that wants to create chaos without coming to the election process. Wants to adulterate. 

He wants to bring people from other countries to judge. We do not accept this judgment. We obey our laws. America-British are our friends not our masters. Owner is Allah. They will come, sit, have tea and leave. If you speak well, we will listen. 

But we will solve the matter of our house, the matter of voting and the matter of court attendance. There is a group that wants to make a mess and come to power, we will not let it happen.

The minister said these things in the speech of the chief guest at the discussion meeting organized by the upazila Awami League to welcome the schedule of the 12th national parliament election at Pagla Bazar of Shantiganj upazila of Sunamganj at 11 am on Thursday. The minister said, we are the people of Haor and we want peace. We don’t want to burn. 

We need roads, bridges schools-colleges, market hospitals. We need more development. Sheikh Hasina has a special eye for us. So we have to make the right decision. It is for our interest that Sheikh Hasina should be brought back to power. 

Regarding BNP’s rejection of the schedule, the minister said that they have already said that they will reject it. They want to come to power by ousting the legitimate government of Sheikh Hasina. They are not comfortable with the selection process. 

It is not a matter of letters coming from different places. We will abide by our law, the election will be conducted according to what is clearly in our law. The letter may come but no one will. The letter will come, we will read the letter, we will answer the letter. My party has authority and they will give. 

Earlier in the morning, Planning Minister MA Mannan exchanged information and skills with the patients who came for treatment at Shantiganj Health Complex.

America-British are our friends

America-British are our friends America-British are our friends

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