An earthquake killed half of a Moroccan village

Moroccan village

An earthquake killed half of a Moroccan village. The North African country of Morocco has been devastated by a strong earthquake. Two thousand 122 people have been reported dead in the 6.8 earthquake. More than 2,400 people are still missing from that incident.

Meanwhile, a Moroccan village named Tafeghag in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco was completely destroyed by the terrible earthquake. The residents are now either in hospital or dead, the victim Hasan told reporters.

“When we were climbing over the rubble, we realized that no one would be able to get out of here unscathed,” he said.
The damage of the earthquake was so severe that not a brick or stone of their traditional house is intact. At least 90 of the 200 residents were killed. Many more are missing.

Hasan said, “The victims had no chance to escape. There was no time to save ourselves.”

He also said that his uncle is still buried under the rubble. It is not possible to bring him out.”

No one in Tafeghag Moroccan village has the equipment to rescue people from the rubble. No help came from outside.

Hassan said, Moroccan authorities should accept all offers of international assistance. He thinks that fear or pride should be overcome in this regard.

Abdur Rahman, another resident of that Moroccan village, lost his wife and three sons in the earthquake. He was working at a gas station during the earthquake.

Death toll from powerful earthquake in Morocco continues to rise. In the meantime, the death toll has exceeded 2,100. Last Friday night, this earthquake of magnitude 6.8 hit the country. People of the country have not seen such horror in the last 100 years. Experts are calling it the biggest earthquake in the region in over 120 years. Source: BBC

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