Apple testing ‘Apple GPT’ to rival ChatGPT: reports

Apple is currently testing a new AI tool to compete with OpenAI, as per a recent report by Bloomberg News. While there has been no definitive announcement regarding the AI tool yet, insider reports are currently calling it ‘Apple GPT’.

As per the report by Apple analyst Mark Gruman, Apple has already built its own framework called ‘Ajax’, which is being used to test large language models (LLMs) for AI chatbots – similar to the LLMs the likes of ChatGPT and Google Bard are based on. 

Ajax is based on Google Cloud and was built with Google JAX, a machine-learning framework. Ajax will be the base for training the ChatGPT-style tool that the company is secretly working on, states the report. 

Gruman also adds that Apple has not yet planned a strategy to release the tool to the public. However, the tech giant is expected to announce important AI-related news next year, including the rumoured launch of this brand-new AI tool. 

There has been no official confirmation from Apple regarding their own AI chatbot tool yet.

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