Assets Pass to Wife and Children Due to Lack of Written Documentation

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The Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) identified the dismembered body found in the luggage in Patenga police station area of ​​Chittagong city. His name is Md. Hassan (61). He is the son of Sahab Mia of Baraitli village of Banskhali upazila of Chittagong.At the same time, PBI has revealed the mystery of the murder.

As the property was not registered, his wife and children killed him and threw his dismembered body in different places.
Hasan’s wife Chenwara Begum and eldest son Mostafizur Rahman have been detained in this incident. Younger son Safiqur Rahman Jahangir and his wife Anarkali are absconding.According to PBI, the family had no contact with the victim Hasan for at least 30 years.

The family members did not know where he was at that time. A year ago he suddenly returned home. The house had some ancestral properties in Hasan’s name. Hasan’s wife and children kept pushing to write them in their name.

But he did not agree to this. On September 19, due to a dispute, the wife and children killed Hasan and cut him to pieces in a house of Zamir Villa Bhawan in the pocket gate area of ​​Akmal Ali Road of EPZ police station in the city. It was the home of Hasan’s younger son.On September 21, eight pieces of human body were recovered from a luggage lying on the side of the road in Ghat No. 12 area of ​​Patenga police station. These included two arms, two legs, elbow to shoulder and knee to thigh.

Each part was wrapped with tape. However, some other parts of Hasan’s body, including his chest, have been recovered, but his head has not yet been found. PBI officials said that the search for the head is going on.
The deceased Md. Hasan’s village home is in Baraitali village of Katharia union in Chittagong’s Banskhali upazila, but his National Identity Card (NID) collected by PBI shows his temporary address as Jamal Miar Garage in Railway Colony adjacent to Sadhur Bazar in Sylhet Sadar.

On the night of September 19, Hasan was murdered in house number 7 of Zamir Villa, Pocket Gate area of ​​Akmal Ali Road, EPZ Police Station of Chittagong city. Hasan’s younger son lived with his wife and children in this house.PBI Chittagong Metropolitan Unit Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) AKM Mohiuddin Salim gave this information.

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