At the house of BNP activists in Rupganj. Allegation of Awami League

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Awami League has been accused of attacking and vandalizing the houses of BNP leaders and activists in Chanpara area of ​​Rupganj upazila of Narayanganj.

According to the family of the victim, Samser Ali, a UP member of the Kayetpara Union and Acting General Secretary of the Awami League’s Chanpara branch, and his associate were listed as drug smugglers on Thursday night. Shaun led the attack.

It is also known that after vandalizing the houses, the attackers arrested 4 people involved in BNP politics and handed them over to the police.

When contacted, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Rupganj Police Station, AFM Saeed, told The Daily Star today, ‘We conducted a raid in Chanpara area and arrested 4 people.’

General Secretary of Narayanganj District BNP Golam Farooq Khokon told Daily Star, “Organizing Secretary of Chanpara Union Chhatra Dal attacked the house. Mahin’s father Ali Akbar, a CNG-driven auto-rickshaw driver. Nurul Haque, Ward No. 8 volunteer team worker Md. Zulhas and BNP workers of Ward No. 1. Hanif was handed over by the Awami League members to the members of the Chanpara police outpost.He also said that all of them are residents of Rupganj and associated with BNP politics.

The victim’s family and local people said that at around 9 o’clock yesterday night, 35-40 people led by Samser Ali and Shaon with sharp weapons and sticks, the joint editor of the district branch of Chhatra Dal. Shah Jahan’s house was attacked. Not finding him at home, the attackers ransacked and looted. At night, his parents took shelter at a relative’s houseShahjahan alleged that the police were present in the area at that time.

He said, ‘I have been staying outside the area for 5 days to avoid arrest.’

Meanwhile, BNP leader said the same night. The houses of Liton, Ali Akbar and Juba Dal leader Al-Amin were also vandalized.

Ali Akbar’s wife Mukta Begum told Mynewsbd, ‘The attackers broke the lock of the house and took my husband away. When we tried to stop the attackers attacked us.’

‘After picking up my husband we followed them and saw a police car on the road with my husband in the car,’ she added.

Samser Ali was called several times to inquire about the complaint, but he did not pick up. He did not answer the message on his mobile phone.

When asked to know, Rupganj police station OC AFM Saeed told Daily Star, ‘We have not received any information about the attack. But we will investigate the matter.’

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