Expatriates’ data minister, Awami League, is coming to energy

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Awami League Joint General Secretary and Minister of Information and Broadcasting. Those who oppose Bangladesh’s development spread misinformation at home and abroad, Hasan Mahmud said. The Awami League government will come to power through free and fair elections in the future and continue the country’s development, no matter how much propaganda it gets.

At the exchange meeting with expatriates on Saturday (September 16) evening at Awami League’s own office in Toronto, Canada, he said this.

It is mostly foreign propaganda that attacks Bangladesh. This propaganda must be countered by the Bangladeshi diaspora.

It was even possible to prevent Bangladesh’s birth in 1971, the Information Minister said. In the same way, Bangladesh’s development will continue under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s leadership, regardless of conspiracies.

Awami League Leaders Gather for Inspirational Speeches and Reunion

Under the chairmanship of Ontario Awami League President Mustafa Kamal and General Secretary Liton Masud, Canada Awami League founder Sarwar Hossain and others gave speeches.

He also attended a breakfast meeting at the local ‘Madina Grill’ restaurant with former students of his alma mater, Chittagong University.

Hasan Mahmud called Bangladeshis abroad ambassadors for the country, saying ‘Bangladeshis abroad have contributed significantly to the wonderful progress of Bangladesh under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina.’

It is important for expatriates to be active in Canada’s mainstream politics so they can contribute more to Bangladesh’s development.

Discussion participants included Mohammad Amin Mia, Shahabuddin Ahmed, Shawgat Ali Sagar, Ghiyasuddin Ahmed, Shafi Ahmed, AMM Toha, Sajjad Hossain, Zahirul Haque Chowdhury, Kazi Zahiruddin, Minara Begum, and others.

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