Awami League is working to change people’s destiny: Prime Minister

Awami League is working to change people's destiny_ Prime Minister My News Bangladesh

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in a rally organized on the occasion of the inauguration of Dhaka Elevated Expressway, those who were in power for 29 years have given the people of this country. The sky of the people of this country was covered with dark clouds. After the Awami League came to power, the fate of the people of this country started to change. Awami League is working to change people’s fate.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is addressing the rally organized on the occasion of the inauguration of Dhaka Elevated Expressway.

After the inauguration of Dhaka Elevated Expressway, he said these things at the Sudhi rally organized at the capital’s old trade fair grounds on Saturday (September 2) afternoon.

The prime minister also said that we have made extensive development of the communication system since the first time we came to the government. And now the government is implementing one development project after another to change the fate of people. The Awami League government kept its promise by building the Padma Bridge with its own money.

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Stating that the country is progressing mainly through overall development, the Prime Minister also said that the country is facing temporary problems due to the shock of the Russia-Ukraine war or counter-sanctions.

All development is for the people, we are working with. Vehicles will bypass Dhaka city As a result, the traffic jams will be reduced in the city, he added, “I have come here today to hold a meeting through the expressway with my own hands.”

The development in the country in the last 14 years; Through which Bangladesh has been recognized as a model in the world, he said

If not for the coronavirus epidemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, the poverty rate in the country would have decreased even more Due to the shock of the war, some temporary problems have been created in the economy of the country. Bangladesh has now started its journey towards the light That darkness is no more Our only goal is to change people’s destiny. We will lead people to the path of light

Awami League government is working to brighten not only the present but also the future of the people of the country It has been possible to develop the country so much because of the democratic stability Sheikh Hasina raised the question of what kind of democracy the BNP, which was born in an undemocratic style, would give to the country.

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Many people were shocked by the ban on movement Don’t panic remember, this soil is ours, fear of ban will not do us any good You have to overcome fear and move forward He is afraid to see the clouds, his sun smiles behind him We have to work for the people with confidence Sheikh Hasina said the boat will move forward by pushing upstream.

Earlier, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the 11-and-a-half kilometre’ Dhaka Elevated Expressway’ (Ural Road) section from the airport to Tejgaon. After unveiling the inaugural plaque, the Prime Minister participated in the prayers.

The airport will be open for public use from 6 a.m. on Sunday (September 3). Then it will take only 10 to 12 minutes to reach Tejgaon at Farmgate from Kawla next to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport through this road.

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