Awami League Kader: I will make such an election, the whole world will appreciate

Awami League Kader: I will make such an election, the whole world will appreciate

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader has commented that the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections will be held in such a way that the whole world will appreciate. He also commented that independent candidates will not be allowed to wrestle with boat candidates.

He said these things in a joint meeting at the central office of Awami League on Bangabandhu Avenue on Monday (December 11). Awami League held this meeting with the leaders of North and South branches, associates and fraternal organizations of Dhaka metropolis.

General secretary of Awami League directed the leaders and workers to follow the election code of conduct and said, “Our party leaders and workers have to contribute to make the election peaceful. You must also beware of conspirators. Challenging times till 7th January. This time we have to cross. We have no alternative but united resistance and struggle under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina to keep the ideals of freedom alive.”

He said, “Not everyone was nominated in the election. It has a number, it cannot be given beyond that. Many people are sad about it. Still, our leader gave us an opportunity to compete as an individual. No one should misuse this opportunity. Force here, wrestle with the boat, that will not happen. Must be disciplined. Compete as a competitor. Terrorists get indulgences—don’t, can’t. There will be a peaceful election, no one will use force. We will not tolerate it. The will of the people should be reflected, what the people want will happen.”

Noting that he does not want to be a part of bad name with the election, Quader said, “I will hold such an election, which the whole world will appreciate.” I want to choose that. Many things have been said in the past. Elections are the march of democracy, nowhere without flaws. We have come a long way. This time I will choose a better one, I will give a gift. This is our oath, commitment.”

Referring to Awami League unity, Obaidul Quader said, “United Awami League does not mean defeat.” A united Awami League will definitely win. Those who are not nominated in the election may suffer. But there is evaluation in Awami League. Somehow we evaluate leaders and activists. At least as long as Sheikh Hasina is there, she finds out about the workers, assesses the deprived in time. No need to panic. Stick with the team, it will be appreciated.”

He said, “Attack will result in a case. If there is a case, he will be arrested and sentenced. No divorce. Kill the police, and it will go without trial? Those who caused this incident, will not be prosecuted? We don’t attack, they (BNP) attack. And if there is an attack, there will be a case. No divorce.”

General Secretary of Awami League said, “If a political party does not come to the election, then it cannot be brought to the election by force. Where in the world is there that the ruling government suddenly resigns and gives elections? Why would our country? They want Sheikh Hasina’s resignation. They want a dead caretaker government. Elections are being conducted here in the same manner as in the rest of the world. After 2009, Sheikh Hasina made the Election Commission independent. Now if they don’t turn up, what can we do?”

He said, “On the occasion of the election, we will meet in groups. Now we will do these by calling a public meeting? Discussion requires an environment. These discussions are very important discussions. It will not be called public meeting, media will not be called. This is how the discussion goes, it has happened in the past as well. Discussions have been done, 14 parties have been formed, grand alliances have been made and seat agreements have also been made. Such is the process. All will be resolved by next 17th. It will not be hyped anymore.”

He said, “Those who do not follow the constitution of this country, do not follow the rule of law, they will say such things. We are not worried about this. In the name of movement, BNP leadership was creating chaos all over the country, not allowing to choose the objective. They will not be allowed to vote if they do not agree. Challenged. From there, each of our leaders and workers have performed their duties from their respective places. We loved the spontaneity and spirit we saw in them.”

Obaidul Quader said, “The anti-election forces under the leadership of BNP are carrying out terrorist activities, they must be resisted with the people. We will be careful. Because this election is an election to protect our constitutional continuity. We definitely need this election to crown a new victory in the future, development and prosperity of Bangladesh. Elections are held after five years on time and that is the beauty of democracy. An elected government must hand over power to an elected government.”

He said, “The voter turnout in this election will definitely be eye-catching. Visibly voter turnout compared to other democracies of the world we believe, this year’s turnout will definitely be better. There are independent candidates and 28 other parties are contesting. We hope that the atmosphere that has started the elections in all of Bangladesh, it will really be so much that we could not have imagined.”

General Secretary of Awami League said, “Today there is a strike, a blockade, traffic jams on the roads, traffic jams on the highways. They are calling such strikes and blockades. It doesn’t take many people to commit terrorism, it doesn’t take many people to commit a secret attack. They are doing that crime. I am careful. Many thought that the opposition might be stopping everything by organizing a big event. We had the biggest gathering. No one could have imagined that the government party would be able to hold such a big rally.”

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