Awami League Whenever the League has come to the government, the country and the people have improved: Prime Minister

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Awami League president and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that whenever Awami League came to government, the country and people have developed. He said this in a public meeting at the Korean EPZ (KEPZ) ground in Anwara after the inauguration of the Bangabandhu Tunnel on Saturday (October 28).

The Prime Minister said that we are building the country in the spirit of the liberation war. I have brought you a gift. The car runs along the river bed. Go home in a hurry. I express my thanks and gratitude to all those who were involved in the implementation of this project, worked day and night. I have inaugurated 11 more projects as a gift for you. Today’s development is possible because you voted in the last election. Whenever boat has come into government, it has developed the country and the people.

He said, I lost everything on August 15, 1975. Ziaur Rahman was not allowed to come to the country for six years. Some kind of forced return to the country. I have been working for people in Bangladesh since coming. I want, how to keep the people of the country well. How many leaders of Chittagong were there, who struggled with their lives.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that today BNP threatens various kinds of movements to bring down the government. I want to make it clear that the Awami League government has been elected by the people and has brought Bangladesh the status of a developing country today. There is no use in showing all these fears to Awami League.He said that Khaleda Zia was removed from power by the people of Bangladesh on February 15 because she had stolen the vote.

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader, presidium member and parliament deputy leader Matia Chowdhury, Awami League presidium member engineer Mosharf Hossain and land minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury also addressed the public meeting under the chairmanship of Chittagong South District Awami League president Motaherul Islam Chowdhury.

Earlier, the Prime Minister reached the Chittagong Naval Academy from Dhaka by helicopter after 11:00 pm. From there reach the west bank of Karnaphuli river at Patenga by road. At 11:40 PM, Bangabandhu unveiled a plaque of the tunnel. From there, the Prime Minister and his tour companions crossed the tunnel by toll.

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