Bangladesh Bank Faces No Demand Crisis for Cash Dollars

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Bangladesh Bank: There is an acute shortage of cash dollars. The money exchanged from the bank does not match the dollar anywhere. In addition to passengers going for treatment abroad, expatriate workers are in dire straits. Meanwhile, dollar trading has also decreased on money exchanges since the introduction of the single price.

Recently, a young man named Imran Ahmed was seen in Motijheel, the capital. He went to India for treatment with his brother, so he wandered around Motijheel for half of the day in search of dollars. On the same day, a person named Kamrul Islam did not get any dollars from the bank money exchange. The situation is the same for expatriate worker Azirul Badshar. He will go to Saudi Arabia after the holiday. Couldn’t buy dollars even though it was time for the flight. This expatriate worker returned from Motijheel with heartache.

According to the money exchange owners, no one is selling dollars at the fixed price of Bangladesh Bank. Keeping their offices open to maintain their licenses.

Not only Kamrul-Badsha, but many others like them are looking for dollars in different money exchanges of the capital. But not getting dollars anywhere. They also complain that they are not paying in dollars, even though they have endorsed their passports at the bank.

One of the victims said that the bank had given Androids. But they couldn’t pay me any dollar. But they took money from me. No receipt was given.

Another resident of the capital said I came to Motijheel from Uttara. I’ve been around for four days, I haven’t found a dollar anywhere. Whoever I go to, says there is no dollar.

Bangladesh Bank’s Currency Exchange Policies Spark Business Concerns

Money exchanges also reduce customer traffic. That is why the counter is empty most of the day. An owner of money exchange in Dhaka said, we are not buying dollars at high prices. It is neither possible nor possible to buy and sell at high prices. It can be said that business has declined.

Another businessman said that since the campaign started, no one is entering the money exchange. Panic prevails.

Bangladesh Bank has instructed not to transact foreign currency without passport. Along with the law enforcement agencies, the Money Changers Association is also monitoring the matter. They also demand that brokers be brought under control to restore order.

Money Changer Association Secretary General Helal Uddin Shikder said, the crisis has become artificial, because of the rate. He was selling earlier at 115 taka, now he has to sell at 111 taka. So waiting, after few more days to sell. That dollar will come in the market. Then the price will decrease a little.

Although there is no shortage of cash dollars, Bangladesh Bank Executive Director Majbaul Haque said, if money is not available in the exchange, there is an opportunity to buy dollars from the bank. This bank official advised to use credit card if necessary.

Bangladesh Bank said that action will be taken if any organization deals in foreign currency outside of the rules.

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