Bangladesh does not beg for anyone’s mercy: Prime Minister

Bangladesh does not beg for anyone's mercy Prime Minister My News Bangladesh

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the aim of the government is to move the country forward with respect. Today’s Bangladesh does not beg for anyone’s mercy, it can now walk with dignity in the world court. This was our goal; I have achieved that.

He made this comment at the opening ceremony of launching ‘Taka Pay’ card from Gana Bhavan at 9:30 am on Wednesday. The Prime Minister had earlier inaugurated the ‘Taka-Pay’ programme. Through this, Bangladesh entered its own card era to reduce dependence on international cards and save foreign currency.

Stating that the wheels of the economy would not have been functioning without Digital Bangladesh, the Prime Minister further said, “I am very happy today, and we do not have to depend on anyone else.” The money is our country, we will use it ourselves. We will also control. I will try to connect with others.

However, we have made arrangements so that we do not have to depend on a hard currency. I am today announcing the auspicious launch of the National Card Scheme ‘Taka-Pay’.

Sheikh Hasina said, I have made private banks widely. There were many obstacles. Many have said, our small economy, so many banks will not be profitable for the economy. I said, we will not have this small economy, we will grow. Then these banks will work. Our words have now been proven true.

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