Bangladeshi CEC day naps and Make Election

Bangladeshi CEC day naps and Make Election

Bangladeshi CEC day naps and Make Election. It would seem that the world’s superpowers have not been sleeping for the last year because their level of interest and passion has reached such a high degree that they are not sleeping. The lack of sleep that was prevalent in neighboring nations was plainly seen. As a result of the aharnish conversation that the Indian analysts were having, this was the notion that was being developed.

The reports that were released in the media all around the globe were viewed with worry when it became apparent that this election was being manipulated. Since the voting stations opened, there is not a single foreign media outlet that I am aware of that has not released a report on the presidential election. Over a number of reports have been published in various media outlets.

According to the constitution, the Election Commission of Bangladesh was the body that was responsible for conducting this election. The leader of the organization, Qazi Habibul Awal, has given many statements that give the impression that he is aware of the significance of the election itself. He said on November 27th, 2023, that the elections had caused the nation to be in a state of turmoil. The only way to safeguard democracy is to have elections that are both free and fair.

On the 31st of December, 2023, he made the following statement: “There has been a debate in the country about elections for a very long time.” The level of violence has increased in tandem with the argument over the legitimacy of the elections.

If we want to win this election, we have to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that a government is capable of organizing elections via the Election Commission, regardless of the expense. There was a portion of the ‘election’ day that he slept through. The fact that I am not lying is common knowledge. Khaled Mohiuddin, a journalist with Deutsche Welle, was provided with the following information by him: “When I said 4 percent…I first said 28%, that was two or so ago, when I was sleeping, and then when the interview was around 4:30, I was corrected, and the data on the dashboard has not been updated until now.” Manavzamin is quoted as saying, “The whole thing has not come” (January 10, 2024).

The comments that this CEC made earlier on sleep, however, will be remembered by many. On October 14th, he made the statement that “Sleeping will become very much haram after the announcement of the schedule” (DBC, October 14th, 2023). An foreign media outlet said that the CEC had been awake for a continuous eight hours during the day, and as a result, he was unable to carry out the responsibilities associated with the election. However, on October 14, this CEC sent a reminder to the administrative authorities of the nation about the tasks that they are responsible for.

Regardless of what the CAC says at this time, there are two possible reasons for this day nap: first, he was not interested in who voted or not since the outcome was already decided; second, he was not engaged in his responsibilities. Is there any more compelling evidence that the election that was supposed to take place on January 7 was nothing more than a game for children? Therefore, it should not come as any kind of surprise that the editorial of The Guardian daily referred to this ‘election’ as a ‘fake’ make-up election.

Bangladeshi CEC day naps and Make Election

Bangladeshi CEC day naps and Make Election Bangladeshi CEC day naps and Make Election

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