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The government is planning to Bigger promotions for more people in the administration before the next parliamentary elections. will be promoted to the post of Deputy Secretary. The process has already started. Seven secretaries will retire before the election in December. If there is no new appointment, a new person will also be appointed as Secretary. This information is known from the sources of the Ministry of Public Administration. It is also known that the promotion of deputy secretaries will be discussed in a meeting of the Superior Selection Board (SSB) in a few days.

Ministry of Public Administration reliable sources said that there were a total of 209 people in the BCS 29 batch. Out of this, 177 from the administration cadre and 32 more from the abolished economic cadre have been merged. The Ministry has listed more than 500 officials to become Deputy Secretary, along with 29 batches of other cadres and left-outs from the previous list of excluded officials. Currently, the senior secretary of the public administration ministry is abroad. It may be presented in the next SSB Board when the senior secretary returns home. In 2021, they will have qualified to become Deputy Secretary, the Ministry said. In 2011, 29 batch officials joined the service.

10 years of service are taken into consideration for Bigger promotions as Deputy Secretary. Many waiting officials are worried about whether they will get a promotion or not before the announcement of the election schedule. A senior assistant secretary working in the cabinet said We are waiting as senior sirs have been promoted. If not before our election, we will be far behind Already qualified for two years. The expectation is that I will get regular promotions in government jobs. An official of the Ministry of Agriculture said We believe that we will not be disappointed. we will soon get good news.

Officials at different levels of public administration say that promotion before the elections will bring some relief to public administration officials. Keeping this in mind, the government is promoting the officials before the elections. Former Cabinet Secretary Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan told Bangladesh Pratidin that the government’s financial consolidation comes with the creation of new posts and promotions. So, in this process, it should be ensured that the quality and quantity of citizen services increase. There were not enough posts before the National Assembly elections on December 29, 2018. Bigger promotions were given to the posts of Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary, and Additional Secretary in public administration in three rounds.

Abdus Sabur Mandal, who oversees the recruitment, promotion, and posting section at the Ministry of Public Administration, informed Bangladesh Pratidin that the promotion process for the position of Deputy Secretary is already in progress. He mentioned that several SSB (Selection Board) meetings will be convened, and it’s possible that the promotions will be finalized by the following October. He emphasized that they are actively working on this matter.

State Minister of Public Administration Farhad Hossain also shared his perspective with Bangladesh Pratidin. He clarified that bigger promotions have already been granted, and the discussions mainly revolve around the promotion of deputy secretaries. He pointed out that there is no specific selection process involved in the promotions they administer, as these promotions are part of their routine activities. He emphasized that there is no urgency to expedite the promotions, and if they cannot be completed by October, they might extend the timeline to January. He made it clear that the bigger promotions are not influenced by political pressures related to elections.

Many are also looking at the post of secretary: before the election, seven people who served as the highest post of secretary of the administration will retire. However, many are getting contractual appointments before the elections. However, in the future, if a new person comes to fill the vacant post of secretary, he will be made secretary from the BCS 13 batch. Already some officials have been made secretaries from the 13th batch. An additional secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration told Bangladesh Pratidin that it is true that the post of secretary will be vacant in the future, but if a new one comes there, it will come from the 13th batch.

According to multiple sources, by December this year, the Secretary of the Health Care Department, the Secretary of the Land Appeal Board, the Secretary of ERD, the Secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, the Secretary of the Technical Madrasa Education Department, the Secretary of the Roads and Highways Department, the Tariff Commission, and a member (a secretary) of the Planning Commission had retired. go In this case, many officials are looking forward to reaching this highest position. Various campaigns are going on.

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