BNP has no right to do politics in this country: PM


He said that BNP-Jamaat did not build people’s destiny from power but built their own destiny. People of the country do not want to see them in power. I condemn BNP-Jamaat. Because, they burn people, kill people. Our politics is for the welfare of people and their politics is to burn people.

The Prime Minister also said that when we develop for the people, that BNP-Jamaat commits arson. By throwing away the fee plate of the railway line, by throwing away the carriages to get the trap of killing people. The train was set on fire. 

The mother and child are hugged to the chest – in this state, the fire has turned into wood. This scene shook the whole world conscience. Bus fire, car fire, just started in 2001.Then the same thing happened in 13-14. Now the arson has started again.

Earlier, the Prime Minister reached Barisal at around 1 pm and went to Circuit House. After lunch and rest there, he joined the public meeting at 3:05 PM. The Prime Minister is accompanied by his younger sister Sheikh Rehana. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has come to Barisal after five long years.

Earlier on February 8, 2018, during his visit to Barisal, he had addressed a public meeting in this Bangabandhu Udyan. Leaders and activists started coming to Bangabandhu Udyan from morning to attend the public meeting of the Prime Minister. By noon the venue was packed to the brim.

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