BNP-Jamaat’s misdeeds will take Bangladesh backward: Dipu Moni

BNP-Jamaat’s nefarious activities and arson attacks will delay the progress of the country, Education Minister Dipu Moni said today.

“It’s certainly not positive for the country. Their actions at this time will delay the progress of the country. Bangladesh is moving towards development at an unstoppable pace. Everything is in danger of being disrupted,” she said.

The minister said that the students will be the worst victims. “Because the students have [already] suffered a lot due to Covid-19. Now we’re recovering from it,” she said.

She was replying to the questions from journalists after distributing cheques of financial assistance among journalists from Bangladesh Journalist Welfare Trust established by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Chandpur District Shilpakala Academy auditorium this afternoon.

“We are trying to complete everything including this year’s educational activities …and examinations by November. Creating such anarchy at that time will disrupt the educational activities of our students across the country. I hope that any political organisation will responsibly consider the issue of our new generation and their interests seriously,” she said.

“Politics does not mean anarchy or destruction. There is an election ahead. Let everyone participate in the election,” she said.

She said the democratic process could be the best option to resolve any dispute.

“All questions can be resolved through a democratic process. So, I would appeal to any political party not to try to take any kind of dishonest advantage by making students hostage,” the minister said.

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