BNP programmes aimed at destabilising country: home minister

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan has said the programmes of BNP and its affiliated political parties are intended to destabilise the country and make people suffer.

“The government has maintained its stance of not interfering in political activities. But when such programmes cause violence, damage to property, attempted murders, and arson, the law enforcement agencies will perform their duties,” he told reporters while visiting Central Police Hospital where police personnel hurt during today’s clashes with the BNP are treated.

He also expressed concerns over BNP ignoring High Court directives and allowing its acting chairman Tarique Rahman to deliver a speech at yesterday’s rally.

The BNP attempted to isolate Dhaka from the rest of the country, even though it claimed the sit-in would be peaceful, he said. As a result of its actions, traffic movement was disrupted and 31 police personnel were injured.

He expressed concerns that the current situation resembled the turbulent period of 2014 and feared a potential repeat of arson attacks by the BNP.

If the BNP resorts to arson, the law enforcement agencies and the people of the country will take decisive action and hold those responsible accountable, he added.

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