BNP sit-ins: Transport owners, workers seek punishment of arsonists

Transport associations demand exemplary punishment of those who torched and vandalised vehicles during BNP’s sit-ins on Saturday.

They also demand that the government take steps to make the vandals compensate for the damages to vehicles.

Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association and Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation issued a joint statement today in this regard.

The statement signed by transport leaders Mashiur Rahman Ranga, Khondaker Enayet Ullah, and Shajahan Khan says seven vehicles were completely burned down and 24 vehicles were damaged in a planned manner during BNP’s sit-ins.

In 2014 and 2015, BNP-Jamaat men torched and vandalised 5,000 vehicles and killed 92 transport workers, says the statement, adding that the activists are resorting to a similar type of violence.

The BNP maintains that its activists are not involved in damaging vehicles.

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