CEC asked for cooperation

CEC asked for cooperation

CEC :He said this in an exchange meeting with the contending candidates in the national elections at Barisal District Commissioner’s office on Saturday (December 23).

He said, we need your help. We are asking you for this support. You will cooperate. You are truly a great leader. You understand democracy more than we do. Many of you participated as freedom fighters in the freedom war.

The CEC also said that there is no room for bias in the elections. Many say the administration favors the government party. This is actually not correct. It will be understood if everyone is aware and keeps their eyes and ears open.

The Election Commissioner said that the election has been disputed due to various reasons.Representatives of different countries also spoke about it. We also had a meeting. They also want free, fair and impartial elections. Some unexpected things happened during the campaign. Strict instructions have been given from the Election Commission to control them.

Election Commission Secretary, Barisal Divisional Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Election Commission local level officials and candidates were present.

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