CEC diplomats are usually not pressuring voters

CEC diplomats are not pressuring voters

Following a meeting with diplomats that took place on Thursday afternoon (January 4), the CEC provided this information to media. The discussion took place at a hotel in the capital city.

Prior to this, the Election Commission had a meeting with the ambassadors to discuss the climate and the general preparations that were being made for the elections for the 12th Parliament.

The statement made by Md. Habibul Awal was as follows: “I invited foreign ambassadors because they have consistently demonstrated interest in campaigns.”This is the one thing that everyone hopes will happen: that the elections will be free, fair, and peaceful.

It was said by him that the ambassadors were interested in learning about the charges of violations of the code of conduct as well as the actions that are being taken.They are aware of the actions that we have taken.

In addition to this, he said that eight lakh members of law enforcement are now there in order to preserve peace and order throughout the elections, and that they would continue to be present till the elections are complete.



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