Channel 24 introduces country’s first ‘AI’ news presenter

Channel 24, a private TV network based in Dhaka, today unveiled the country’s first-ever ‘artificial intelligence’ news presenter named ‘Aparajita.’ Aparajita debuted during the 7 pm bulletin on Wednesday. Channel 24 did not disclose the details behind the technology used in making the ‘artificial intelligence’ or ‘AI’ presenter. 

The utilisation of artificial intelligence for news presentation has been observed globally, with Kuwait News introducing the AI news reader “Feda” in April. Similarly, Odisha Television Limited (OTV), a private television station in India, introduced an artificial intelligence presenter for news delivery on July 9.

Abdul Kaium Tuhin, Senior News Editor of Channel 24, told The My News, “On Wednesday we had a demo run with an ‘artificial intelligence’ news presenter named ‘Aparajita’ in our prime-time news bulletin. She will present our tech-based programme ‘Ctrl A’. We have a lot of plans for this. Till now we have received very good responses from our visitors.”

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