Chhatra League leader’s husband demands pregnant girl, if not accepted, suicide announcement

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Sohail Khan Fahad, vice-president of Chhatra League in Tangail’s Sakhipur town, has been claimed as her husband by an incestuous young woman. He announced in a video on social media that he would commit suicide in front of the Chhatra League leader’s house if he did not get the recognition of his wife’s rights and children. In addition, the young woman filed a written complaint at the Sakhipur police station.

The victim is a girl from Kutubpur area of the upazila. Accused Sohail Khan is the son of deceased Humayun Khan of Hikaya area of Fahad Upazila and vice-president of Sakhipur town Chhatra League.

According to the complaint and family sources, she met Sohail Khan Fahad in 2020 while working as an assistant nurse at Mother and Child Care Private Clinic in Sakhipur. Then contact and love on mobile. On January 11, 2021, they had a court marriage in Tangail. They lived in a rented house in Gogai area of Mirzapur upazila for about two years as husband and wife. Fahad asks to destroy the baby as the young woman is pregnant. The young woman came to the village house two months ago without spoiling the child.

The victim complained that her mother threw her out of the house when she went to Fahad’s house last Saturday morning. He complained to the police station that afternoon. He said, now I am very helpless. I want recognition of the child and rights as a wife.

Accused Sohail Khan Fahad said, There is no match between my parents and identity in court marriage. The complaint of the young lady is mainly to frame me and to corrupt me politically.

Municipal Chhatra League President Rezvi Shikder Shanto said, “I have heard about this incident from people. But the matter is very personal. This is not a political issue.

Sakhipur Police Station OC Md. Rezaul Karim said, After receiving the complaint, I have sent the police to the spot. Legal action will be taken, subject to investigation.

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