Child dies of snakebite, sweeps for 15 hours instead of burial

Child dies of snakebite My News Bangladesh

Sanwar Hossain (13) a child died of snakebite in Jamalpur’s Sarishabari even 15 hours after his burial. Jharfunk is calling Ojha Sanwar son of Abul Kalam of Char Adra village of Satpoa Union died yesterday Thursday.

According to local sources, 3 days ago, the child went to visit his grandmother’s house in Sthal village of Aona union with his elder brother Sagar Mia. On Thursday night, he went out with his elder brother to fish in the paddy field next to Nanabari by flashlight. Meanwhile, the snake clothed his feet.

Sanwar’s relatives took him to Sarishabari Upazila Health Complex at night. Later the doctor on duty declared him dead.However, Sanwar’s body was taken to Nana’s house without burial.A local Ojha Bahar Mia is sweeping the child till 6 pm on Friday.

Sajia Begum, the child’s mother, told The Daily Star, ‘I heard that sweeping is good. So I tried.’When asked, Chairman of Aona Union, Bellal Hossain said, ‘I have received the news. Going to that house. Arrangements will be made to give soil soon.’

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