China-US phone conversation on Israel war

China-US phone conversation on Israel war My News Bangladesh

Washington has sought Beijing’s help to ensure that Hamas’ conflict with Israel does not spread across the Middle East. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken discussed this with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on phone on Saturday. News from BBC and Reuters.

China calls for an international peace conference as soon as possible,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Because the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is escalating and risks spiraling out of control.

China opposes all actions that harm civilians and condemns practices that violate international law, Wang told Blinken. Washington should play a constructive and responsible role.

He said major countries must adhere to objectivity and fairness, maintain calm and restraint, and take the lead in abiding by international law when dealing with international hot-spot issues.

China’s official statement on the conflict did not specifically name Hamas in its condemnation of the violence, instead condemning the “indiscriminate use of force” and calling for an immediate ceasefire. Beijing also called for an end to the “collective punishment of the people of Gaza”.

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