Colombia expelled Israel’s ambassador over Gaza issue

Colombia expelled Israel's ambassador over Gaza issue My News Bangladesh

The South American country of Colombia has worsened its relations with Israel due to its comments on the ongoing conflict with the Palestinian independence armed group Hamas. Because of this, Colombia has expelled the Israeli ambassador assigned to the country.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro recently posted several posts on social media in support of the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip. Because of this, Israel decided to stop exporting arms to the South American country.

After that, the President of Colombia threatened to break diplomatic relations with Israel. The next day, the Israeli ambassador to the country, Gali Dagan, was ordered to “apologize and leave the country” by Colombian Foreign Minister Alvaro Leyva.
It is known that since the beginning of the ongoing conflict, the President of Colombia has made several posts on social media supporting the Palestinians in Gaza. In one of the posts, President Petro compared Israel’s attack on Gaza to Nazi persecution of Jews.

Then, when Israel decided to freeze arms exports, President Gustavo Petro said, “If we have to suspend our foreign relations with Israel, we will suspend them.” Still we do not support genocide. The President of Colombia cannot be insulted.”

Petro also called on Latin American countries to show real solidarity with Colombia in the wake of Israel’s ‘insults’ against him. “I ask the people of Israel for help in achieving peace in Palestine and in the world,” he said. Colombia is a country of free, sovereign and just people.”

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