Controlling commodity prices is a really troublesome activity: Agriculture Minister

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The Agriculture Minister said the commodity prices of the product mainly depends on demand and supply. Still, the government is trying to keep the prices within the affordability of van-walls, rickshaw pullers, the poor, and the middle class. A step has been taken for this. But whether this move will be successful or not cannot be said for sure. But it seems that commodity prices will come under control to some extent.

The Minister of Agriculture said these things to the journalists after the inauguration of the final game of Shaukat Momen Shahjahan Memorial Football Tournament at Srishti Sangh Ground in Sakhipur Upazila of Tangail on Saturday (September 16) afternoon.

He said that BNP is saying that they will not come to the elections without a caretaker government, but according to the constitution, the elections will be held under the elected government. The Election Commission has no other option but this process. This is how elections are conducted all over the world.

Local Member of Parliament Joaherul Islam inaugurated the final game. At that time, Tangail Superintendent of Police Sarkar Mohammad Qaiser, Upazila Parishad Chairman Zulfikar Haider, Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Farzana Alam, Municipal Mayor Abu Hanif Azad, local Awami League President Shaukat Shikdar, and other leaders of various levels of the upazila were present. General Secretary of Upazila Awami League and former Member of Parliament Anupam Shahjahan Joy was in overall supervision of the game.Kachua Durant Sporting Club and Bahuria Union Parishad Football Team participated in the game. Bahuria Union won 0-1.

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