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Independent candidate of Manikganj-1 constituency announced cancellation of nomination papers. Abdul Ali Babari broke down in tears. At this time, he was seen rolling and screaming.

Returning officer Rehena Akhter started checking the nomination papers of the 12th National Parliament election at around 10:30 am on Sunday (03 December). Independent candidate of Manikganj-1 constituency. As some of the documents of Abdul Ali Babari were incomplete, his nomination paper was declared canceled at 1.30 pm.

 At this time independent candidate. Abdul Ali Bepari started crying. He collapsed in front of the returning officer’s office. People around tried to comfort him as he kept rolling. Mayor of Manikganj Municipality. Ramzan Ali caught him and tried to convince him a lot. 

independent candidate with tears in his eyes. Abdul Ali Bepari said, ‘I don’t want anything else, I just want to participate in the election. Even if no one votes for me, I can cast my vote. I don’t even need my wife’s vote. Earlier also I was elected from Singjiri Union as chairman candidate in 2011, 2016 and 21. My candidature was not canceled then. Why now? If I cannot participate in the elections, where will I cast my vote?’ 

According to local residents, he had a family dispute for participating in the Union Parishad elections. His wife and children do not like to participate in elections. Because he lost his security in the assembly election thrice. He got two/one votes besides his own. He is not getting much support from his family.

 Meanwhile, around four in the afternoon, I spoke again with this independent candidate. He said, election is his addiction. When the election comes, he can’t hold his own. Without selection, the body is not right.

Deputy Commissioner and returning officer Rehena Akhter said, Md. Abdul Ali Bepari’s nomination papers have been declared invalid as all the documents are not correct.

Besides, 33 candidates filed their nomination papers in Manikganj-1, 2 and 3 constituencies. Among these independent candidates. The candidature of Abdul Bepari and SM Abdul Mannan, Mohammad Hasan Saeed and other candidates have been cancelled. A dozen candidates have been declared valid.

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