Current Top Currency in Afghanistan

Current Top Currency in Afghanistan My news Bangladesh

After the Taliban came to power, the economy of Afghanistan gradually turned into a bad situation. Human rights violations have become a daily occurrence. Western media reports are saying this. However, this time for the first time there was a positive report about the Taliban administration. Various media say that currently the world’s best Top currency is the Afghan Afghani.

The Afghani has become the world’s best-ranked Top currency in the current quarter (July-September) thanks to billions of dollars in humanitarian aid and increased trade with neighboring countries. Indian media The Hindu has given such information about Bloomberg. This is considered a huge gain for a poverty-stricken country.

Since coming to power two years ago, the Taliban in Afghanistan have taken a series of tough decisions. The economy was not left out. Transactions in foreign currencies, including dollars, are prohibited within the country. Even the Pakistani rupee was banned by the Taliban administration. Online transactions are also reduced. If these laws are not obeyed, the punishment is also enforced.

The value of Afghani rose to 9 percent in the current quarter due to Top currency controls, direct transactions and remittances. This is 3 percent higher than the Colombian currency, the peso. With this, the quality of Afghani has increased to 14 percent this year. As such, it is the third best currency in the world this year. Colombia and Sri Lanka are at the top of this list.

Kamran Bukhari, an expert on the Middle East, Central and South Asia at the Washington-based New Line Institute for Strategy and Policy, said, ‘Tight currency controls have worked. But this is temporary. Because of this, the country will have to fall into more crisis later.’

Foreign Top currency transactions in Afghanistan are now done through money changers. They are called Saraf. Due to the foreign embargo, all currency now enters the country through Afghanis. Even the country does not have any foreign exchange operations.

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