DB Harun instructs BNP staff to be violent

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Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DB) Chief Additional Commissioner of Police Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid said that the BNP workers ran riot on the orders of the central leaders during the last 28 BNP rallies. He said these things while talking to reporters at his office on Minto Road in the capital on Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Harun Or Rashid said that the Motijheel Division of the Dhaka Metropolitan Intelligence Police arrested five people for their involvement in the attack and vandalism and beating of the police in the last 28 BNP rally called by Paltan in the capital, and one BNP and Juba Dal leader and activist for their involvement in the car fire.

The arrested are BNP worker Ismail Patwari (65), former joint convener of Shyampur police station Abdullah Al Saeed Roni, former member secretary of ward number 47 of Shyampur police station SM Murad Hossain Mamu and youth party workers Maksudur Rahman Masud, Mostafa Kamal Sumon. Volunteer group worker Al Amin (29) accused of setting the bus on fire.
The DB Pradhan said that during the hartal and blockade centered on the BNP rally in Nayapaltan of the capital, on the instructions of the central leaders of the BNP, the activists set fire, vandalized and obstructed the official work of the police in various places of the capital. Even burning of passenger buses in different places created fear in the public mind.

Additional Commissioner Harun said that in front of the Kamalapur Railway Officers Quarters of Shahjahanpur police station, BNP activists set fire to the car and beat up the police. A review of the video footage shows Ismail Patwari attacking the police with two green colored plastic sticks along with the activists. Besides, BNP leader Abdus Samad’s workers are Saeed Roni, Murad and Masud. They admitted their involvement in the attack on the Chief Justice’s residence, vandalism of cars, assault on police and setting fire to the police box. They have also been seen in various video footages.

He also said that the arrested Mustafa Kamal Sumon attacked the police on the day of the rally on October 28 and broke the tooth of a policeman. He even posted a picture of the incident and wrote on Facebook, “I replied with broken teeth”. Besides, the baby daughter of the slain policeman went to a Facebook post saying ‘Dad, Dad is crying’ and commented ‘We are not unhappy’. He confessed everything after the arrest. Even those who were with him admitted their identity.

In a separate incident, a BNP activist named Al-Amin was arrested in the evening of October 8 in Bangshal area of ​​the capital for setting fire to a passenger in an air transport.

DB Pradhan said that in the evening, when a vehicle of Akash Paribahan traveling on Keraniganj to Gazipur route stopped at the traffic signal of Nawab Yusuf Road of Banshal police station, some passengers got up and detonated. Al-Amin, involved in this incident, was arrested in Chunkatiya area of ​​Keraniganj police station.

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