Declaration of exemption from politics. Kamal Hossain

Declaration of exemption from politics. Kamal Hossain

All political activities as well as the post of president of public forum Dr. announced. Kamal Hossain.

He made this announcement at the party’s special national council at the National Press Club on Friday.

Dr. in a written statement. Kamal Hossain said, ‘I have followed the path with you since the establishment of the party, tried to work unitedly to solve national problems and crises. But considering my age and physical condition, it is no longer possible to actively perform the duties of the President. In this situation, I announce that I will withdraw from all political activities and from the post of president of the public forum.

He said, “However, I will try to contribute to the country and the nation as much as I can from my personal position. My sincerity towards the party, my emotions-feelings, sympathy-cooperation and advice towards the leaders and workers of the party will always be there.’

In this situation, I would request the councilors present at today’s special National Council of the People’s Forum, to announce a new leadership today to strengthen and organize the party. The central committee that you are going to democratically form in this council today, I hope that this committee will play an important role in national politics in the coming days. You will always be active in moving Bangladesh forward in the spirit of the liberation war, democracy and stability of the country. Let the public forum win, let the people win’, said Dr. Kamal Hossain.

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