Director General Announces Sudden NID Service Shutdown

NID Service Shutdown My News Bangladesh

The National Identity Card (NID) server has been down since Tuesday morning. The server is down until noon tomorrow due to ongoing maintenance work. Director General (DG) of NID Division Humayun Kabir confirmed the matter on Tuesday (September 19) afternoon.

A notice says that the server is undergoing maintenance. As a result, all services related to NID will be closed from today morning until 2 p.m. tomorrow, Wednesday. The authorities expressed sincere regret for the temporary inconvenience.

Earlier, the NID server was shut down on the night of August 14. It was activated after 38 and a half hours on August 16. The NID database has 30 types of personal information on about 12 crore voters. 171 public and private organizations regularly avail themselves of information verification services from this repository of the EC.

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