During Durga Puja, hilsa will be exported to India


A senior official of the export branch of the Ministry of Commerce said on condition of anonymity that the export of hilsa will be allowed in India on the occasion of Durga Puja. However, the approval amount has not been finalised.

About 100 companies have already applied for hilsa export approval, he said, and it has not been decided how much hilsa export approval will be given to the companies. A decision will be taken by September 15 after the application is scrutinized.

He also said that many of the establishments which were approved last time could not export the stipulated amount of fish. The export of fish mainly depends on the amount of fish caught in the country. So permission will be given depending on the capacity of the institution.

Note that last year 49 companies were allowed to export a total of 2,450 metric tons of hilsa at a rate of 50 metric tons each.

Meanwhile, in terms of hilsa export, it is stated that the regulations of export policy 2021-2024 must be followed; Manual inspection of exported goods by customs authorities; At the end of each consignment, the export-related documents must be submitted to the Export-II Division; Hilsa cannot be sent more than the allowed quantity.

The demand for Bangladeshi hilsa is very high in India due to taste and smell. Bangladesh is at the top of the world in hilsa production. More than five lakh metric tons of hilsa are produced in Bangladesh every year.

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