EC will intervene if anyone is arrested after the schedule

EC will intervene if anyone is arrested after the schedule My News Bangladesh

Election Commissioner (EC) Mohammad Alamgir said that no new arrests should be made to make the elections peaceful. The Election Commission will intervene if anyone is arrested after the announcement of the schedule of the 12th National Assembly elections.

He made this comment in response to a question from reporters at his office in the election building on Sunday (October 15).In reference to Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal’s statement that ‘no one should be arrested after the schedule’, EC Alamgir said that he actually said it incidentally.

The point is that there should be no political harassment after the announcement of the schedule. If the arrest has to be done, it should be done before the schedule. If there is no case and no criminal offense has been committed then the commission will analyze the case if someone is arrested. As such, if there is any statement or suggestion of the commission, it will be given to the government.

Stating that the Election Commission does not see any obstacle in the voting, he said, “We are fully confident that the election will be held.” EC will not interfere in the issue of political parties with the government. I have taken responsibility under the party government according to the constitution. Police and District Administrators will work as per our word in the election. We do not fulfill the responsibility of police and politics.

Calling on BNP to come to the polls, the Election Commissioner said, we want all political parties to come to the polls. We want them (BNP) to come to the polls. So far I have done all the polls smoothly, I will do the polls smoothly in the future too, insha’Allah.

EC Alamgir said in response to the question that it would be bad if BNP does not come, we want everyone to come to the election. We have chosen fairly. I will have a fair election in the future. It is true that not all political parties come in any election. You see in history, even in the 70’s elections, not all parties came to the polls. 44 parties will come to the election and no party may come.

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