Economic loss over 3.5 billion dollars in 6 days of blockade: victory

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Economic loss:Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s ICT advisor Sajib Wazed Joy said that the total six-day blockade and strike called by BNP, Jamaat-e-Islami and their allies from October 28 to November 6 alone is estimated to cost the country’s economy more than 3.5 billion US dollars.

In a post on his verified Facebook account, he wrote, “Small traders, day laborers and the SME sector are the worst affected. Supply chains have been disrupted, hurting both importers and exporters in already difficult economic times. Educational programs for children and youth are being severely disrupted.”

Sharing a web link to an article published in ‘bdanalytica’, a Bangladeshi English-language blog on politics, Joy wrote, “There were at least 110 incidents of arson, mainly targeting buses and trucks.”
He also mentioned, “BNP and their allies are paying their goons Rs 3,000 for every attack. The plight of the transport sector is exacerbating the livelihood crisis, as rents have skyrocketed due to high risk.”

Economic loss

Economic loss Economic loss

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