Efforts to Close Al Jazeera Bureau in Israel

Efforts to Close Al Jazeera Bureau in Israel My News Bangladesh

Israel’s communications minister is trying to shut down Al Jazeera local bureau. On Sunday, he accused the Qatar-based media of pro-Hamas incitement and opening up a possible attack by Israeli troops from Gaza. Reuters news .

The proposal to shut down Al Jazeera was vetted by Israeli security officials. Israel’s Communications Minister Shloma Karhi said that it is also being verified through legal experts.Al Jazeera and the Doha government had no immediate comment on the matter.

Karhi told Israel’s Army Radio, ‘This is a station that incites, this is a station that takes photos of soldiers in assembly areas (outside Gaza) that is a mouthpiece for incitement and propaganda against the citizens of Israel.’

He also said, ‘It is absurd that the message of the Hamas spokesperson goes through this station. I hope we close it today.’It was not clear whether the subsequent statement referred to cabinet discussions or implementation of the shutdown.

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