Egypt’s Rafah crossing closed due to Israeli bombing

Egypt's Rafah crossing closed due to Israeli bombing My News Bangladesh

Clashes between the Palestinian armed group Hamas and Israeli forces have entered their fourth day. The death toll of Hamas in Israel has increased to 1008 people until the last news. On the other hand, the death toll from Israel’s attacks on Gaza has reached more than 800.

Meanwhile, authorities in Gaza have closed the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, the only way out of the besieged territory.

On Tuesday, local authorities said Egypt had closed the border after Israeli airstrikes in the area.
Note that although the Rafah border is open, Gazans must register their names to cross it.

These people are stuck on long waiting lists due to recent attacks.

The border remained open on Tuesday morning – but only those whose names were listed before the start of the latest conflict were able to cross.

In order to enter Egypt from Gaza, they must visit the interior minister at least two days in advance and register their names on a list. Therefore, no one who does not have permission can cross this border, this information has been clearly stated in several posts on the Facebook page about crossing.

Since all government buildings in Gaza, including the Interior Ministry, are currently closed or destroyed, no new ones can be added to the list at this time.

Source : Al-Jazeera

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