Every minute a wounded person arrives at the hospital in Gaza

Every minute a wounded person arrives at the hospital in Gaza My News Bangladesh

The Israeli attack on Gaza has worsened the situation. Almost every minute an injured patient arrives in the hospitals there.Meanwhile, the United Nations Human Rights Office said the supply of fuel to Gaza’s hospitals is likely to run out in a few hours.

Ambulances are bringing casualties to Nasser Hospital, the largest hospital in southern Gaza’s Khan Yunis area.Due to lack of space there, temporary tents have been pitched outside the hospital to treat the injured.

The condition of all hospitals in Khan Younis area is a disaster. The workers there are struggling to provide services to the wounded in the Israeli attack. On top of that, there is a shortage of water and electricity.Health officials said.

Nasser Hospital emergency department director Mohammad Qandil told Al Jazeera, “The situation is very catastrophic.” Injured citizens have been coming here like a stream for the past one week. The need for hospital beds has increased manifold.He said that they received 60 injured people in the last one hour. As such, one injured patient is coming every minute.

‘The hospital is no longer able to continue operations. No electricity. The oil-fired generator is about to shut down. Health management is about to collapse. As a result, the hospital may become a mass grave,’ he said.No drinking water has yet reached southern Gaza

No water has yet reached southern Gaza. The United Nations has confirmed that residents are struggling for food and water.Gaza’s interior minister said residents were drinking unsanitary water. As a result, serious health risks have arisen.Interior Ministry spokesman Yad Al-Bozom said Israel has not provided any drinking water to the besieged valley in the last 10 days.

The head of the United Nations aid agency,Martin Griffiths, is going to the Middle East to try to find a solution.He said that they will conduct ‘deep discussions’ with Israel, Egypt and other countries.In a statement, he said, he is going to Gaza and the occupied West Bank tomorrow.

Arab League calls for the establishment of humanitarian corridors The Arab League has called for an immediate end to Israeli military operations in Gaza. Ahmed Abul Geit, head of the organization, also called for relief to go there.

In a meeting in Baghdad, Iraq, he said, “We demand an immediate end to the Israeli attack on Gaza.” As well as demanding the opening of humanitarian corridors for humanitarian aid to reach the people there.

At least 1,000 people trapped under rubble in Gaza More than 1,000 people are trapped under the rubble of buildings destroyed by Israeli strikes, the Palestinian Civil Defense said.In a statement, they said that many of the trapped people are injured and some have died. Many have been rescued.So far, 2,750 Palestinians have been killed and at least 9,600 injured in the ongoing Israeli attack on Gaza.

Source: Al Jazeera

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